1. The motto of the company

Every client will be only one and number one
To Suganuma Group, each client is the only one and number one.

2. Improve teamwork skills, work effectively and together actualize our dreams


To provide clients with best services that meet their needs, the company itself needs to become a complete team and to cooperate efficiently in every task. In that team different individual possesses different strengths and characteristics, which together brings special values to the team. Therefore, we join hands to enhance our strong points and develop ourselves step-by-step in order that everyone can contribute to the sustainable development of the company.

3. Challenge the market! Challenge yourself!


To challenge the market means also to challenge yourselves. A market full of challenges demands the highest level of individual creativity as well as constructive and compatible cooperation among colleagues, which is the root for mutual effects and the motive for self- development. At Suganuma Group, we are aware that by keeping up with the market: everyday we enrich our knowledge and skills and challenge ourselves with the unpredictable ups and downs of the market, we will be able to capture and response to the rapid changes of the market and hence be able to provide excellent supports to our beloved clients.

4.Recruitment information

① Fresh Graduates recruitment

Every year, positions at Suganuma Group are open to fresh graduates from Faculty of Japanese Language at reputable universities across Vietnam such as Hanoi University, Da Nang University of Foreign Languages, Hue University of Foreign Language…

② Undergraduate internship recruitment

At Suganuma Group, beside fresh graduates, we spend many internship opportunities for juniors and seniors from faculty of Japanese at universities. Interns will be granted the chances to experience the real working tasks, to understand the mission as well as the motto of our company, to learn the necessary regulations and skills, and to have opportunities to become official staff after graduation.





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