Every client will be only one

or number one

~Challenge the market~


For us, each client is always number one and the only one. Therefore, we are willing to face every challenge.

Every client comes to us with their opportunities and strengths. However, at the same time there exist problems that need to be solved.

The fact that we always listen to our clients and capture the latest trends on the market helps us to fully understand our clients, the opportunities as well as contemporary difficulties they are facing.

We then assist them with planning, designing and manufacturing accordingly to deal with the existing affairs, bringing into play both the opportunity and client’s potentials.

Suganuma Group commits to accompany our clients through challenges to create new values.



Message from Director


菅沼 蔵人Kurato Suganuma


Our Japanese corporation was established in the early years of Shōwa era. Afer many years of domestic operation, we have always been doing our best to promote “the production of handmade and garment products”.

In the contemporary garment market, manufacturers and customers are getting closer and manufacturing process is being developed towards automation. However, I personally believe the market itself stands little chance of further expansion and development.

At the present, garment manufacturing in Japan has been stagnant as it can not evoke its full potential. To overcome this situation, we are gradually changing our business towards “a company that can change the world”.

We are trying to expand ito new markets. We provide supports on service and manufacturing transformation, and on brand building to take the best out of Japanese’s technology, knowledge and services.

We wish to make contribution by supporting our clients on the way from a pure manufacturer to a business with more competitive added values.

With that in mind, we are helping our clients, step-by-step, with investing and building business in overseas markets, and supporting the recruitment and training in foreign countries simultaneously.





Name:Suganuma Group

   SG- crossing Company

Representative: Suganuma Kurato

Business: Provide services: Support Japanese businesses with employee training, employee recruitment, investment and business development in Vietnam.   





   Hanoi office: Suganuma Group

  3F, CT2 Building, Bac Ha Building C14, To Huu Street, Trung Van Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City.


   Da Nang office: SG- crossing Company

   218 To Huu Street, Khue Trung Ward, Cam Le district, Da Nang, Vietnam.