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Suganuma is a consulting corporation which provides supports on training and recruitment, on investments and business projects for health agencies, nursing facilities, and companies that are operating in hospitality industry or in other fields across Japan.

We want to connect Japanese businesses that are planning to expand overseas with local companies who want to partner and with employees who want to enhance their professional skills or to work in Japan.

4 main lines of business


Support overseas investment

We try our best to provide clients with sufficient supports when investing overseas. Our supports cover business activities such as market survey and research, business establishment, partnership selection, initial operation,….

The signing ceremony of cooperation between a Japanese restaurant service company and a labor exporting company in Vietnam

Market Research

Job interview seeking for high-skilled employees in foreign countries of a Japanese catering company

Japanese medical group visits and discusses with a local hospital.





Support in strengthening business foundation

For businesses that have already invested and are developing in foreign countries, we will focus on assisting them in restructuring business, speeding up market expansion and promoting the development of existing branches.

A meeting with the participation of Japanese Medical Group, local hospitals and local Investment Promotion Agency on promoting investments in hospitals and nursing facilities.

The signing ceremony between Japanese Hotel Association and Vietnamese Department of Overseas Labour.





Support in employee training

We do not only provide assistance in recruiting employees in overseas markets, but we also support our clients with domestic recruitment strategy and other necessary relating services. Besides, we do provide synchronic assistance from employee recruitment to employee training.

Launching a scholarship scheme for nursing schools

Cooperation between a Japanese restaurant service company and Vietnamese universities on educating students who wish to work in Japanese Restaurants.

Internships at local restaurants and service companies.

The signing ceremony of cooperation with the participation of Japanese Hotel Association, Vietnam national administration of tourism and universities in Vietnam.

The signing ceremony of a partnership agreement between a Japanese restaurant service company and a local College of Tourism in an educational program called “Vietnam Family” to promote overseas recruitment.

The signing ceremony of educational cooperation agreement between Japanese Hotel Associations and Vietnam College of Tourism





Consult overseas operation

We consult local companies, authorities and schools on issues that are related to overseas operation activities.

The signing ceremony of cooperation on food service between a Japanese catering group and Vietnamese companies.

A meeting with Da Nang Investment Promotion Agency on overseas business development.

A visit of Izumisano City Representatives at Da Nang Center Hall, Vietnam.